While you are away rest assured knowing your pets will be taken care of by our staff of veterinary technicians, doctors and qualified Kennel Staff.

AMC's Boarding offers:

Spacious Kennels and Runs

Our regular runs are 3 ft by 9 ft, our extra large runs are 6ft by 9ft. Our smallest canine kennel is 2 ft x 3ft.

Our Cat condos are in fact 2 room Condos, with a pass through and perch for watching. They also have a very large window so the cats may enjoy the local scenery

Each one of our "rooms" is equipped with soft comfy blankets and toys (unless your pet eats them)

Individual Play Time

Each pet receives 15-20 minutes outdoor twice a day in our gated patio, where they can bark at pedestrians or run around. Families can go together, but we do not do groups, just in case someone may not get along well with others. Extra playtime is available for a nominal fee.

Treats and Feeding

Your pets will be fed morning and evening while they are here, with our GI friendly kennel dog food or the food you provide. If allowed, we enjoy giving treats to the boarders in hopes that they will feel more at home.

On-Site Vet Care

If your pet should become ill during their stay we have two licensed Veterinarians on staff who can address the issues and get back to you with a diagnostic plan and treatment plan. Our kennel staff is trained to report lack of appetite, diarrhea or lack of defecation, and pretty much anything that seems abnormal. If your pet is acting different they will let the veterinary staff know.

At Animal Medical Center we try our best to make your pets feel comfortable and to reduce the stresses of boarding.

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